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A. Interference With Snow Removal:
1. After an accumulation of three inches (3") or more of snow has occurred and until both sides of the street, alley or public way have been plowed, it shall be unlawful to allow any vehicle to remain parked from the same side of a public street, alley or public way for more than twelve (12) hours after the opposite side of the street, alley or public way upon which the vehicle is parked has had the snow plowed by the village.

(Ord. 503, 9-6-1983)


2. It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle on Elm Street between Highway 38 and Brown Street at any time within twelve (12) hours after a snowfall of three inches (3") or more has occurred.

(Ord. 452, 3-4-1974, eff. 3-4-1974)


B. Towing Vehicle, Costs: Any motor vehicle parked or standing in violation of this section may be towed or moved to another location or to a village impoundment area by a village vehicle or private towing service. No vehicles towed to a village impoundment area shall be released to the owner, lienholder or other person entitled to possession unless proper proof of entitlement to possession is first furnished to the village and all storage charges and towing charges incurred by the village are paid to the village.

C. Nonliability Of Village Or Towing Service: The owner and lienholder of vehicles parked or standing in violation of this section shall not be entitled to any claim for damages to any motor vehicle unless wilful and wanton misconduct shall be established.

(Ord. 503, 9-6-1983)









Shaun Thompson Franklin Grove Water Tower

Photo courtesy of Shaun Thompson






Reminder to parents of AFC Elementary school children - Avoid Elm Street in Franklin Grove, IL

Elm Street in Franklin Grove is for buses with children to drop-off and pick-up

Children who do not take the bus are released through the north doors on Lahman Street

Park on Lahman to pick up your children

If you send grandparents or friends, inform them of this

Passing a stopped bus with the stop arm out can result in fine, court cost, and 3 months suspension of your license


Information courtesy of Franklin Grove Police Dept





The Village of Franklin Grove, IL, invites you to plant a free tree!

Our beautiful old maples are living on borrowed time and we need to replenish our natural forest.

Tree-lined roads improve curb appeal, and trees cool off our streets to cut your energy bills.

The variety of trees available this year are Crimson King Maple, Sugar Maple, Sunburst Locust, Hackberry or Pin Oak


In addition, McCormick's Nursery has agreed to extend the discounted offer to residents that would like to plant a tree on their own property!

$69 for 8'-9' Crimson King Maple, Sugar Maple, Sunburst Locust, Hackberry or Pin Oak.

If interested in taking advantage of this offer, contact McCormick's by August 5th at 3602 E. Lincolnway in Sterling, or call 815-626-4422.

Trees can be picked up, or marked and delivered with the village tree in time for September planting.


Get your free tree by calling Nick Sprague at 815-973-0705 today. We'll even plant it for you.

Help keep the grove in Franklin Grove - plant a tree today!


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Annual Drinking Water/Consumer Confidence Report




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The Franklin Grove Cemetery Association is in need of funds to keep the grounds in pristine condition.

The Board was just made aware of the law that "PROHIBITS" funds charged for perpetual care when purchasing lots being used for maintenance, i.e. mowing and general upkeep. Thus, the board must determine what legal options are available for funding this important maintenance upkeep.

The Board is seeking donations, as our funds are in very short supply due to the low interest rates on our Certificate of Deposit and the State Law, which prohibits using those funds from perpetual care.

We are in the process of assessing our options, but the funds for keeping the grounds mowed and trimmed are about to run out. At this time, donations to keep us going until we have a more definite solution are our only option.

We hope you will respond to our request. The donations may be turned in at the Franklin Grove Branch of the First National Bank in Amboy with the specific notation to hold for THE FRANKLIN GROVE CEMETERY MAINTENANCE FUND.

We would appreciate whatever you can do to keep the grounds in pristine order.

Thank you very much,
The Franklin Grove Cemetery Board



Lee County, IL, Court Cases

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Franklin Grove IL


Effective Immediately

Any water, sewer or garbage customer who receives a shut-off tag must pay the bill at:

Franklin Grove Village Hall

105 E. South Street

Franklin Grove, IL

Any questions contact the Village Clerk at




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Bill payment for Franklin Grove, IL

Bill Payment Information for Residents of Franklin Grove

Pay your water, sewer & garbage bills at the following locations:

*1st National Bank in Amboy (Franklin Grove Branch)

Village Hall - 105 E. South Street (East Door Slot)

Mail - allow 7 to 10 days for delivery

Village of Franklin Grove,IL

105 E South St

P.O. Box 206

Franklin Grove, Illinois 61031


*The bank no longer collects water bills for accounts targeted for shut off


For more information, see the minutes from the September 2016 meeting




Burning Ordinance

May burn tree leaves and twigs on private property only. Anytime between sunrise to sunset during the period from
March 15 through May 15 and September 15 through November 30



Brush Pickup

All garbage cans and yard waste to be set in front of the house not in the alley. Also grass clippings, etc. should be placed in a paper bag, not plastic.

All tree branches and brush no longer than 4 feet and tied in bundles of 40 to 50 lbs.


Building Permits

Any new construction or remodel needs to have a permit as well as any decks, fences, dog runs, etc.

When in doubt, call the Village Hall to inquire if a permit is needed.

Dumpsters and Street Obstructions

All dumpster and any other street obstructions require a permit to be obtained by the Village Zoning Officer


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